Hi there! My name is Aloysius — I'm a Filipino-Canadian journalist born and raised in Toronto. Currently an associate producer at the CBC News investigative unit, my passion for journalism became solidified when, in 2019, I witnessed the impact of The National's in-depth coverage of the mental health crisis at the University of Toronto. During my time there, I also contributed to campus publications The Mike and The Strand, before graduating with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in peace, conflict and justice studies with a minor in computer science in 2021. I then completed the Master of Journalism program at Toronto Metropolitan University in 2023, where I worked as a teaching assistant, multimedia specialist for the stitched! live journalism lab, digital editor for The Otter, and senior editor for the Review of Journalism.
Professionally, I was one of 13 2023 CBC News Donaldson Scholars, an opportunity provided to a selection of top graduating journalism students, where I worked for CBC business, news labs, and CBC Montreal. I've also worked as an associate producer for CBC Radio's As It Happens, and photojournalist and community producer for The Green Line, and freelancer for CityNews, America Magazine, The Tyee and J-Source. I hope to continue to tell stories that build empathy and solidarity between people and communities of diverse backgrounds. 
You can follow me on Twitter, where I post my stories and other updates.
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