Campaign poster for the 2018 VUSAC Spring Election

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Hey everyone! I know I'm a little late to the online campaign, but I'm running for VPSO of VUSAC.
I'm running because in my (relatively) short time thus far at Vic, I've truly fallen in love with the spaces, the sandwiches at Ned's, and my fellow students. From frosh onwards, the people here have never ceased to be kind and welcoming (although many, including me, have become progressively more exhausted as the year draws to a close).
As a result, I made a conscious decision to become and remain involved right away. This year, I've been a part of the Cat's Eye Subcomm, Vic Intramural Ultimate, Werewolf Club, The Strand, Ideas for the World, and — as first year representative — Vic Xposure.
Being involved in many different parts of Vic student life drew me to the position of VPSO. The position is unique in that it is the first point of contact and support for the numerous clubs and levies at Vic, all of which contribute so much. With my expertise, I believe I could bring a lot to the position.
My extracurricular involvement began long before Vic. In high school, I co-founded the Social Justice Club and spearheaded numerous initiatives while also being the Social Justice Representative on our school's student council. I held this position for two years, acting as both club head and liaison. As such, I am familiar of the types of needs and concerns that clubs and levies bring to VUSAC, and can address them accordingly.
My leadership experience goes beyond this, however, and I served as student council President in my graduating year. Beyond this, I was also a co-founder of the Stop the Stigma club which raised awareness on mental health issues and strategies for maintaining good mental health and help the team receive a grant from the Louise Russo WAVE foundation. Finally, I was also a candidate for student trustee of my school board.
Having established my qualifications, I'd like to speak a bit about my campaign.
I'm not a fan of campaign promises because they often just lead to disappointment and loss of trust. The reality is that most of us candidates aren't aware of how easy or difficult it will be to get certain things done in their position until they're elected. As a result, I'll be speaking more about how I'll lead, instead of what I'll do.
In my opinion, the position of VPSO is that of a shepherd. As VPSO, I would remain aware that many of the clubs and levies at Vic run well on their own. I wouldn't seek to impose any further rules or guidelines except for ensuring that the members — especially exec — of each group have adequate equity training. This is just to ensure that Vic remains the positive and fair community I have thus far known it to be.
There are several VUSAC-related club activities that I believe could be improved, however. For example, I believe that creating easy-to-edit templates for things like transition reports and budgets could really save club execs time if they don't already exist; if they do, I would argue that the process can always be made more painless.
Furthermore, I would make the process of changing the internal structures of clubs / levies easier to better respect their autonomy. This will evidently be a greater problem with levies, but having an easy-to-access and easy-to-execute process in place I believe would be a great help.
Overall, as VPSO I would always act knowing that I do not represent the clubs and levies at Vic — rather, the clubs and levies at Vic represent the clubs and levies at Vic. I, as VPSO, would merely be there to help facilitate their day-to-day activities and connecting them with any and all resources, financial or otherwise, that VUSAC can provide.
So if you think I would be a good fit for this role, please vote Aloysius for VPSO between March 24-28! Thank you very much for reading through this!
If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to message me! I'm always up for any feedback or criticisms. Thanks again!
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