Photo: Victoria College Building | October 6, 2017 | Aloysius Wong

Hey everyone!
As some of you may know, I'm running for the position of VUS (Victoria University Senate) Representative in this fall's VUSAC elections.
I only have 2 platform points (other than voicing any specific concerns anyone may have, of course!) for this election. Here they are!
1. Working with the Vic staff and admin to create an online calculator for the guaranteed in-course scholarship: as some of you may know, Vic students are guaranteed a $1000 for every batch of 5.0 credits they complete at Vic, provided the weighted average of their sGPAs is over a 3.50. This being said, the calculation is more complicated than you might expect, and requires you to factor in any transfer credits/credits not completed at Vic, CR/NCRed courses, and varying weights of the SGPAs based on the above criteria. I would advocate for the creation of an easy-to-use calculator that can show any student what grades they need in their remaining courses to get the scholarship and whether or not they will receive the scholarship based on their current grades. I believe this would be a simple yet beneficial change that would relieve some anxiety and uncertainty around this part of a Vic student's finances.
2. Advocating to formally split up the participation in-course scholarship from the guaranteed in-course scholarship: there's a separate application that involved Vic students can write to receive a participation in-course scholarship for their extracurricular activities at Vic. This being said, students who end up receiving one of these do not also receive a guaranteed in-course scholarship—despite the fact that a number of the participation in-course scholarships require a GPA of 3.50 (the same criteria as the guaranteed scholarship) anyway. Furthermore, few of these participation scholarships offer a greater financial For students that choose to get involved and serve the Vic community in a multitude of invaluable ways, I think this is an injustice that ought to be fixed. Students that are high achievers both academically and extracurricularly should be eligible to receive both scholarships and receive the financial support and recognition for their work. I would work with the VUS to see what financial resources, if any, could be reallocated to make this possible - and if internal barriers exist, I would advocate to ask the Victoria University adminstration to work out ways to increase their scholarship funding / fundraising to make this a reality in the foreseeable future.
Anyway, that's what I'd like to be able to advocate for, and I hope you give me a chance to do so by electing me as your VUS Representative for the 2019-20 year!
Vote Aloysius Wong for Victoria University Senate Represenative—but most importantly, please exercise your right to vote!
Past experience in student leadership (in no particular order): VCC representative, Orientation Steering Committee member, Orientation Exec, PCJ Society Communitcations Director, PCJ Mentor, U of T Mental Health Council, Transition Mentor, VicXposure Co-President, Cat's Eye Subcommittee, Dean's Advisory Committee levy representative, Represent Student Leadership Planning Committee
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