Photo: Andrew Longo, December 21, 2019

As someone who has worked and engaged with Vic's governing bodies over the last several years—namely, the Victoria College Council, the Victoria University Senate, and the Dean's Advisory Committee, as well as smaller bodies such as the Orientation Steering Committee—I believe that I bring experience in engaging and advocating to members of Vic's administration. Navigating these relationships and structures will prove to be key as we continue to voice our needs and concerns to these governing bodies. It is my hope that by continuing this work, we can build strong, lasting partnerships between students and administration that will endure for generations of students to come.
Victoria College Council (VCC)
I've served as a representative to the VCC for both the 2017-18 and 2018-19 terms. In that time, I've worked towards creating a unified VCC contact email (which is now active at and have successfully advocated (with the other representatives) in restarting meetings of the College Life Committee, which will likely begin in the fall. 
This coming year, I am hoping to help reimplement and define the role and purpose of the College Life Committee within the VCC. Furthermore, I believe that it would be highly beneficial to set internal roles within the VCC student representatives and have specific people delegated to keeping notes, reporting back to VUSAC, leading delegations to specific committees, etc. With a team of 10 representatives, this will be a tremendous help in keeping ourselves organized and remain on the same page.
Victoria University Senate (VUS)
I've been on the VUS since fall of 2019 and campaigned on the points of more transparency around the guaranteed in-course scholarships and the participation in-course scholarships. In the time since, I have gathered in collaboration with members of the Registrar's Office a thorough understanding of the criteria of the in-course scholarships, which I am now using to create an online calculator where any Vic student can calculate if they'll receive the in-course scholarship based on their current or hypothetical grades. 
In a hopeful second term, I hope to complete this project to create that calculator while also working to clarify the criteria in how bursaries are assessed and distributed. Similar to the new VCC email which I've found to be very useful, I would also like to implement a VUS email ( I came into the role last fall without a transition from my predecessors, and I believe that having an email that persists throughout multiple student representatives' terms will help facilitate this and keep that knowledge organized and accessible.
Board of Regents (BoR)
With the new strategic plan that Vic administration has been building throughout this past year, we have a unique opportunity to steer Vic towards a future in which student voice becomes an integral part of the highest level of Vic governance in which we are involved in decision-making and not only reported to once the decisions are made. Specifically, I would be interested in working with the Property Board especially with the current discussions around renovating/rebuilding the Northrop Frye Building. I believe that my prior experience working at the Isabel Bader Theatre and volunteering for the Cat's Eye for two years each give me a direct, qualitative and personal experience with Vic spaces, which will inform holistic advocacy to that particular governing body. More broadly, I would continue to work with Leap UofT and other climate justice groups on campus in advocating that Victoria University divest from fossil fuels/reinvest in more sustainable, equitable investments. Finally, I would also like to push to implement a joint BoR email (, for example) which I believe will help with continuity and joint advocacy as student representatives.
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